Do you have a tendency to avoid uncertainty at all costs?

Are you so afraid of losing what you cherish that you’re always grasping at what you love?

Are you in the midst of major life decisions that have you feeling confused and paralyzed?

Do you feel like fear is keeping you stuck?

Do you yearn for more strength, hope and confidence amidst a fear-based culture?

Do you sense that there could be a power within you that’s finally ready to turn on and shine for all the world to see?

If so, we want you to know you’re not alone, and there is help.


In a culture dominated by busyness, competition, greed, chaos, conflict, and overwhelm, fear is a common result for all too many. Most people in our culture value certainty and comfort above all else, and they’ll do anything to avoid uncertainty and loss, even if it means sacrificing joy, vitality, and the potential for the kinds of miracles that accompany life’s uncertain mysteries. As long as we choose comfort and security as our primary values, we cut ourselves off from the possibility of awe, wonder, and welcome surprises, which tend to lie in the realm of the uncertain.

That’s what The Fear Cure Virtual Workshop is all about. This program is intended to deepen and enrich the teachings in Lissa’s book The Fear Cure: Cultivating Courage as Medicine for the Body, Mind, and Soul. Combining spoken teachings, music, and guided meditation, this virtual workshop is intended to help you deepen the journey from the head to the heart, not just intellectually, but intuitively, spiritually, and emotionally.

The title “The Fear Cure” could be misinterpreted. It’s not about curing fear. It’s about coming into right relationship with uncertainty and letting fear cure you, so that instead of being something to avoid, fear makes you curious, and you’re willing to dive down the rabgit hole as you wonder, “Why am I afraid? What is there to learn here?”

At some point, you come into right relationship with the unknown and deepen your trust in the unknowable mysteries of the universe, uncertainty becomes almost seductive, as it draws you, from a place of playful curiosity, into the realm of child-like discovery. But how do you venture into the uncertainty when you’re afraid to lose what you cherish? How can you make wise decisions without being reckless? How can you let the heart, soul, and intuition guide you, rather than depending on the mind, your fear, or the ego (which Sue Morter brilliantly names the “protective personality?”). Is it safe to let this Larger part of you take the lead in your life? Or will it lead you astray? How can you feel protected when your heart is asking to you to leap into what feels like utter nonsense? How can you learn to trust your soul’s discernment so you can stay safe and take risks at the same time?

Image Courtesy of theawkwardyeti.com
Image Courtesy of theawkwardyeti.com


Many of us are walking around only half living our lives. We sense that something is missing, that we are sacrificing aliveness for comfort and the illusion of certainty (because of course, it’s only an illusion). But we don’t know how to break free of the chains that sap our vitality and keep us in a prison of our own making. We are birds in cages, but the cage door is already open. All you have to do is fly out, if you dare.


So many people feel trapped in their lives. You feel trapped in your job or trapped in poverty or trapped in a relationship that doesn’t nourish your heart. You may feel at the mercy of an unhappy childhood or physical illness or the failure to realize a dream. Such situations can leave you feeling victimized, like you picked the short straw in life. But what if you are not a victim of your life? What if you are the co-creator of your reality, and as soon as you realize this, you might be able to co-create a new story?

I’m not talking about practicing the “law of attraction” so you can write a list of what your ego wants and then co-create a story in which your Small Self gets everything you want. This is not about giving God a shopping list of all the things your ego wants and all the things it doesn’t want. As Tosha Silver says, “God is not your Costco.”

This is about choosing to live your life in a whole new way so that the Larger Part Of You runs the show in your life. It’s about giving your power to this soulful part of you. It’s about letting the inner and outer Divine take the lead. It’s about letting love make your choices rather than fear. This is a radical move, and it changes everything—if you’re finally ready to hand over the reins and trust that Something Larger can use you as an instrument of sacred service in the world, and that letting yourself be used as this kind of vessel is more deeply fulfilling than any short-term gratification that you might be inclined to put on your shopping list to God.


If you’re feeling cut off from your aliveness, you may need to make some changes in your life. Do you know what those changes might be? Are you in touch with what would amplify your aliveness? Does it feel scary to consider what you might need to change in order to ramp up your capacity for joy and vitality? Can you trust the part of you that will guide you in the direction of that which is aligned with your own radiant essence and your soul’s true path?

Lissa leaping

You may already know what needs to change in your life—your career, your self-care, your marriage, your living situation, your relationship to nature, your expression of your creativity, the people you surround yourself with. But if don’ t know how to tune into your inner guidance—or you’re not courageous enough to act upon your inner guidance when it comes through—you’re likely to stay stuck, or even wind up sick. When your “protective personality” makes the choices in your life, it will always choose what feels safe, even if that means sacrificing happiness and your ability to be true to your essential life purpose.


A lot of people think of fear as a painful, disruptive emotion, and they may be aware of how fear is holding them back in their personal or professional lives. But few people—including physicians—are aware that fear predisposes you to illness and interrupts the healing process. In The Fear Cure, I share how fear and disease are linked and how fear can out-picture as heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain syndromes, and even the common cold.

But fear doesn’t just make you sick. It limits your ability to fully step into your soul’s purpose, in what poet Mary Oliver calls “this one wild and precious life.” Perhaps even more importantly, it keeps us stuck in a cultural world view that has put our species and our planet into a global crisis which is calling many of us to wake up and transform our experience of being human beings on Planet Earth.

The only way we will transcend the fear that grips humanity is to remember that we are not drones slogging our way through the challenges of human life; we are spirits with hearts in bodies who are having a human experience! It’s normal to feel the entire range of human emotions. There’s nothing wrong with feeling anxious or afraid. But when challenges mount, we can spiral down and get stuck in fear—and it can paralyze us and lead us to make decisions that limit our capacity to feel deeply joyful and fulfilled. So how do we learn to trust that there are ways not so much to cure fear (you wouldn’t want to; some fears are there to protect you) but to let fear cure YOU so you can live the extraordinary life that is your birthright? These are the kinds of questions we are committed to exploring with you during The Fear Cure.


You’ll know The Fear Cure Virtual Workshop is the right fit to help you cultivate courage if:

  • You have a strong sense of mission and purpose, as if your soul chose to incarnate on this planet right here, right now, so you can be part of a larger mission that relates to helping, healing, environmentalism, and sacred service
  • You sense that in order to do what you must, you need to let go of the limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors that hold you back from this unspecified but important life mission
  • You know that fear is getting in the way of your full expression, and you’re ready to do whatever it takes to learn how to trust “true fear” while learning from and releasing “false fear” so you can fully expand into Who You Really Are
  • You’ve tried letting your “protective personality” take the lead in your life, you realize this doesn’t ultimately protect you, and you’re ready to explore another way
  • You’re drawn to the spiritual path, but you feel a bit lost as you navigate this uncertain territory
  • You feel like you’ve jumped off the mother ship of the culture, you’re floundering around in your attempt to let Love rule your life, and you’d be thrilled to find the others who have jumped off the mother ship with you
  • You’re no longer terrified of uncertainty and you’re ready to stop prioritizing comfort and certainty over the full expression of your life force, but you haven’t yet found peace in the face of uncertainty
  • You’re aware that resisting what is creates unnecessary suffering, but you’re finding it hard to accept what feels unacceptable
  • You trust that it’s a purposeful universe, and you know that there is Something Larger that is helping to guide your life, but your connection to this guiding force feels loose and tenuous—and you’d love to strengthen that sense of being “tuned in”
  • You’ve experienced a crisis such as divorce, loss of a loved one, getting fired, bankruptcy, or a cancer diagnosis, and it has left you with a deep desire to transmute the fear and trauma into soul growth
  • You’re in that anxiety-provoking place that Charles Eisenstein calls “the space between stories,” when one story has ended but you haven’t yet inhabited another one, and you’re terrified that you’ll wind up lost between the worlds forever
  • You used to have a strong sense of who you are, and now everything is up for question. Everything you thought you knew—about yourself and the world—is now one big question mark
  • You know your grace period for waiting to live your truth is almost over, and you need help calming your anxiety so you can finally do what you must
  • You’ve been experiencing health issues, and you sense that fearful living might lie at the root of your symptoms
  • You feel like you’re all alone, like you haven’t found the right tribe of like-hearted seekers to support your journey
  • Everything is falling apart but you sense that there’s a rightness to the change, if only you can muster up the moxie to avoid plunging into the fear spiral as your world unravels
  • You’re tired of letting your money fears hold you back
  • You’re not afraid of growth, even when it sometimes feels uncomfortable
  • You’re interested to learn how to build your inner strength as a way to boost the well-being of those you care about
  • You’d love to learn tools to help you cultivate courage in everyday life
  • You feel a strong sense of resonance with this program, you’re not quite sure why, but you trust the little voice that says, “This is for me!”

During this 8-week virtual homestudy workshop, you will learn:

  • Tools for making the kind of regret-free decisions that will guide you to the life your soul yearns to live
  • How to receive, interpret, and discern spiritual guidance so you feel guided to your highest destiny in the most magical ways
  • How to align your energy with your desires to optimize the chance that your desires will come into being, without attaching to those desires or letting your ego steer your life
  • Ways to change your world view from a fear-inducing world view to a trust-enhancing one
  • What your fears can teach you, how to trust the part of you that can truly protect you, and how to let fear cure YOU
  • A meditation intended to help you stay focused on the present moment
  • How to tell the difference between the frightened voice of your “Small Self” and the brave, wise voice of your “Inner Pilot Light”
  • A map to help you know where you are on your journey from fear to freedom, as well as tips to help you in the stage you’re in
  • A powerful practice meant to comfort your “Small Self” so your Inner Pilot Light can take the lead in your life and drive your decisions
  • An exercise to move you beyond your victim story into a state of gratitude for the lessons loss can teach you
  • Tips to help you gather evidence that it’s not a hostile universe; it’s a purposeful universe conspiring to support you
  • How accepting what is rather than resisting what you don’t like can tap you into the frequency of miracles
  • Instructions on how to navigate “The 6 Steps to Cultivating Courage”
  • A priceless tool to help you question your fearful thoughts to discern whether they’re “true fears” or “false fears”
  • How to stop caring what “everybody” thinks
  • Tips for strengthening your intuition and hearing the voice of your Inner Pilot Light more clearly
  • How to write your own “Prescription for Courage”

We need courage and freedom from fear now more than ever, especially given the shift in consciousness that will be necessary in order to do what we must for Mother Earth, humankind, and the plant and animal kingdoms. If your body is giving you the full body “YES!” about participating in this program, trust that feeling as your body compass signal that you are one of the spiritual warriors ready to step courageously forward at this critical time in human evolution. (Yes, we mean you.) We look forward to communing with you . . .

What does this virtual homestudy workshop include?

8 60–70 minute teleclasses which include a teaching from Lissa about the module topic, a guided meditation that Lissa leads with musician Karen Drucker, and a relevant song Lissa and Karen Drucker have chosen to close out the module.

A weekly written lesson, written by Lissa especially for this class, which includes practical homework exercises to guide your courage-cultivating journey.

2 BONUS classes with:

Sarah Drew
Charles Eisenstein

MODULE ONE: Adversity Is an Opportunity for Soul Growth

We have all experienced times in our lives when we felt like victims. Someone of us really were helpless and at the mercy of someone who was harming us, so that victim story feels valid. But what if, on some soul level, we are the script writers and movie directors of the movie of our lives, co-creating even the painful things that happen in our lives as a way for our souls to grow and become one with the Divine? In this module, you will learn tools for participating with the co-creation process, so you can milk adversity for all its worth while bringing into being that which you desire in ways that free you from the Small Self’s grasping.

MODULE TWO: Who Controls The Wheel Of YOU?

If you were a car, what part of you is in the driver’s seat? Is Fear driving the show? Is your Soul at the wheel? What part of you makes your decisions? In this module, you’ll learn how to discern between “true fear” and “false fear” so you can learn which fears to heed and which ones to transmute into an opportunity for healing, in order to make aligned decisions that will help you steer the car of YOU in the direction of your highest, most joyful potential.

MODULE THREE: Rewriting Your World View

Can you tell the difference between the voice of your Small Self and the voice of your soul? How can you tell if you're being guided by your soul? In this module, you’ll learn how to compassionately love and accept your Small Self so it can calm down and let your soul take the wheel. You’ll also learn about the Four Fearful Assumptions that contribute to our fear-based culture, and you’ll be offered tools to help you rewrite your world view so you feel safe choosing love and letting fear loosen its hold on you. When you embrace the Four Courage-Cultivating Truths, you become naturally brave.

MODULE FOUR: Uncertainty Is the Gateway to Possibility

When comfort, security, and certainty are your primary life values, life becomes very constricted. All of your energy is expended trying to control life and minimize risk. As long as you believe uncertainty is unsafe, you will guard against it, but when you guard against uncertainty, you block possibility. Uncertainty can be exactly what the soul needs to shine through. When uncertainty becomes the gateway to the spiritual path, then a journey begins, challenging us to shift from fear of uncertainty to trusting life in the face of that which we don't know. This opens the doorway to step into the unknown. Uncertainty is the frequency of miracles, so why would we resist it? This module offers tools meant to help you come into right relationship with uncertainty.

MODULE FIVE: Loss Is Natural & Can Lead to Growth

If we live life believing that we can’t handle losing what we cherish, of course we’re going to be afraid! But most of us who have experienced devastating losses know that sometimes loss is exactly what the soul needs in order to grow. When you love what you cherish, you have a choice. You can blockade your heart and do everything possible to avoid losing what you cherish. Or you can let loss break you open, and when you do, the light can shine through. This module will help you learn to let loss break you open so you can find peace amidst loss and milk loss for all the soul growth it can offer you. It will also help you fear loss less, so you can stop making choices based on protecting yourself from the pain of loss.

MODULE SIX: It’s A Purposeful Universe

Einstein says that the most important decision we ever make is whether we live in a hostile or friendly universe. If you look at the news media, you’ll certainly find evidence that we live in a hostile universe. But what if everything that happens was orchestrated to wake you up? What if even the most painful things that happen are a vehicle for soul growth? This module will teach you how to get infected with a raging case of “pronoia.” Pronoia is the opposite of paranoia. It’s the belief that everything in the universe is conspiring to support you! When you belief that, fear loosens and courage is bolstered.


When you believe you are all alone in a hostile universe where uncertainty is unsafe and you can’t handle losing what you cherish, OF COURSE you’re going to be scared! But what if we’re all One, interconnected into a web of love, immersed in a purposeful universe where uncertainty is the gateway to possibility and loss is a vehicle for soul growth. Wouldn’t you feel more brave if you believed that? When we sense our interbeingness, and we know that we are all connected, the story of the separate self begins to dissolve, and fear dissolves with it. This module offers evidence that We Are All One isn’t just some noble ideal born of mystical religions. It’s a scientifically verifiable phenomemon that we are only just now beginning to understand. This module will comfort your heart with the assurance that we are al part of something much larger and grander than our separate selves, and when we tune into that truth, we participate in the shift in consciousness underway on the planet. This makes us vessels for healing Mother Earth and each other in unprecedented ways.

MODULE EIGHT: Six Steps to Cultivating Courage

This module offers you a framework for writing the Prescription For Courage for yourself. What will it take for you to let your soul take the wheel, instead of letting fear drive your life? What will support you on your courage-cultivating spiritual path? In this module, tools to help you tune into your inner guidance will support your process and help you get clear on what your next steps will be.

Are You Ready?
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As Anaïs Nin said, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” It’s time for us to evolve as a species and blossom. This is cosmic, dear ones. Let’s do this together.

With wishes for peace, courage, freedom and love,


                                             About Lissa

purple-smLissa Rankin, MD, bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine and The Fear Cure, is a physician, speaker, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute, and spiritual seeker. Passionate about what makes people optimally healthy and what predisposes them to illness, she is on a mission to merge science and spirituality in a way that not only facilitates the health of the individual; it also heals the collective. As she became aware of how fear dominates modern culture and how such fear predisposes us not only to unhappiness but to disease, she began researching ways to befriend fear so we can let it heal and liberate us, opening us up to greater compassion, not just for others, but for ourselves. Lissa has starred in two PBS specials and also leads spirituality workshops, both online, as well as at retreat centers like Esalen, Kripalu, and Omega. When doing what she can to sprinkle pixie dust on a fear-based culture, Lissa loves to hike, ski, and dance. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her daughter. Read her blog and learn more at LissaRankin.com.

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